Don't paint over the dirt ... remove it!

Why clean instead of paint?

Our amazing cleaning process will restore your dirty ceilings to like-new condition.  Whether your ceilings are dirtied from dust, cooking grease, nicotine or smoke, our biodegradable, safe, enzymatic cleaner will rejuvenate your ceiling and walls.

Ceilings and walls are exposed to dust and dirt, cigarette smoke, cooking oils and grease, as well as other pollutants and germs. Heating and air conditioning systems move airborne dust and dirt around. These unhealthy contaminants create an appearance and maintenance nightmare. Images can be ruined quickly by unsightliness of dirty walls and ceilings, or the odors caused by bacteria. Ceilings and walls are maintenance problems because they soil on a continuous basis and cleaning has been impractical, up till now.

Cleaning solves ceiling and wall problems. Masking over problems is not the answer - especially when a method is available to help maintain your ceilings and walls at their original condition.

Before and after photos

Never paint acoustic ceiling tiles

Did you know that painting an acoustic ceiling tile destroys most of its sound deadening qualities and reduces its fire blocking effectiveness?

You wouldn't simply paint over a dirty floor so why would you do exactly that to your walls and ceiling?

Stains and odors that have been painted over will eventually "bleed" back through the paint. That won't happen if you let us remove them for you.

Progressive business people in the Chicago area have been calling the ceiling and wall experts, CHICAGO CEILING CARE, LLC., a Commercial Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration Company. CHICAGO CEILING CARE, LLC provides the alternative to painting or replacing that is less expensive, more convenient, and totally safe. Results have been excellent. Cost savings, improved ambiance, and healthier surroundings have made all of our customers happy.